A Cognitive Meta-Linguistic Approach to Teaching L2 Learners Reading and Writing Skills

This paper discusses a cognitive meta-linguistic approach to the teaching of reading and writing skills to L2 learners of intermediate level and above. This approachinvolves knowledge of English information structure being explicitly given to L2 learners on the assumption that the learners can use it for their skill development. Three issues need to be addressed concerning the application of this approach inlanguage teaching: the adoption ofBachman (1990)’s framework of communicative language ability in terms of its pedagogical implications in the field of language teaching and testing; the position of information structure knowledge and its relationship with skill development in communicative language ability; and the necessity of giving L2 learners metaknowledge of English information structure in developing their skills. Also presented in the paper are the specifications of the approach including its theoretical models, teaching principles, targeted knowledge and skills, and classroom tasks and activities. The teaching approach can be applied in many kinds of English language teaching institutions in Vietnam and in some other Asian countries. Discussions about empirical research that justifies the applicability of the approach does not fall within the scope of this paper.



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